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About Panasonic

The Panasonic is the ultimate brand name from Japan which delivers the products television products telephones, computers and digital cameras and much type of products. The Panasonic markets all their products under the slogan “ideas for your life”. The company's founder was konosuke matsushita. His philosophy can be followed for ever by the Panasonic. He built the matsushita electric industrial co., Ltd., and the sight of the importance was never decreased by him. This much of dedication is there for their customers and the public. The Panasonic's journey was begun in 1918 with inventing a two-socket light fixture. These all products are always very flexible to use. The Panasonic is headquartered at Osaka, Kadoma, Japan.

The Panasonic is a leading producer and provider of components and solutions for design. The needs and ambitions of their business customers and millions of customers around the world are help to drive the Panasonic’s vision of the digital future. All the customers are completely satisfied with their quality products. With the prospect of coming technologies which are at to be done in the future Panasonic laptops will go more forward with their valuable customers for 21st century. The laptops of Panasonic are Tireless, Tough and wireless. All these laptops are having their capabilities to ensure the requirements very quickly. The ToughBook laptops produce great performance by gathering many typical features.

Some Panasonic Products :

  • ToughBook-CF-W5
  • VDR-D300
  • Lumix-DMC-LS70S
  • ToughBook-CF-74
  • SDR-S150
  • Lumix-DMC-TZ3K
  • ELITE-CF-W2 etc.

The Panasonic provides a very good smart work environment for sharing dreams to live completely. It enjoys the rewards of technological advances. It has become the biggest electronics company among the world's top companies because of konosuke's fundamental and elegantly simple breakthrough. The tradition of putting consumer as the first will be continued by them to creating new and genuine products. All these laptop products will fulfill the challenges in personal life as well as in enterprise environment. To achieve the leading role among all the top companies the Panasonic always look forward to a brilliant and wonderful technological future and also in digitally networked society, motivated by the commitment and creativity of their employees who tries to give their best always for the company and the customers who trusted on it. Panasonic will continue its Customer First tradition of creating new products that resolve the challenges in business and personal life, helping us all enjoy more of what life has to offer. The name Panasonic is synonymous with innovation, quality, performance and ease of use.





1)   on 03-05-2013 Pocket PC
2)   Anthony on 09-08-2009 Laptop
Panasonic are way of the track in technolgy, they must improve their way of thinking coz they might run out of customer....
3)   anonymousboy on 05-20-2009 Laptop
Panasonic laptops are soooo far behind other brands(asus,sony,etc.) , i bought one last month and i can't even play a lagless dota game. fortunately i posted it on ebay and it was bought by an unfortunate man. poor him.
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