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Global Positioning System (GPS): GPS is a worldwide radio-navigation system, developed by the US Department of Defense. In addition to military purposes it is widely used in marine, terrestrial navigation and location based services. Coming to Laptop GPS, it can be used in an automobile via a cable or a Bluetooth, or else CF and PCMCIA card.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth is the wireless technology which allows greater flexibility and its unit will usually cost more than a cable receiver. We can mount Bluetooth GPS receiver anywhere in the vehicle and it will send data to your Bluetooth-enabled laptop. For catching the signal it requires an antenna to be placed either on the dash or a package tray else attached outside the automobile with a magnet. The good thing about an external antenna is that it makes the signal receiving power high and the antenna is also too short.

CF and PCMCIA: This is a method that requires attaching the GPS receiver directly to the laptop and these models have the capability of adding an external antenna. Placing an external antenna on the vehicle makes for an ideal reception. However, if the cockpit (be it aircraft, marine vessel, or automobile) is of fiberglass, the reception is usually satisfactory. And with the use of PCMCIA/CF card for laptop GPS at outdoors, makes the reception fine.





1)   Laura on 07-29-2013 Pocket PC
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2)   nathaniel disouza on 10-30-2006 Laptop
Hi friends, I have bought a new laptop from LaptopGPS company. It comes with 3year site warranty. I am using Laptop GPS from almost a year and it has helped me in all my projects. It comes with an 17-inch wide screen with internal TV tuner and free Windows Xp Media Center Edition operating system, 160GB hard drive and dual-layer multiform DVD burner. The most appreciable feature in this laptop is it has the blue tooth technology, it is a wireless technology through which we can send data with physical contact to the laptop to any electronic device which has the blue tooth technology. Thank to LaptopGPS
3)   on 10-24-2006 Laptop
Alienware M77. I purchased a fully loaded laptop from Alienware including 3 yr on site warr. Where do I start,,the DVD burner doesn't burn DVD's or CD's it is broken. The mother board is bad. What does Alienware offer me to do. They want me to replace the DVD burner and they want me to send the laptop back to them. THis is after 4 hours of online support. They had me do everything they could think of. They even asked me to reload all of the software. What did they do for me for my troubles? They told me I had 30 days to return the laptop and it is my fault for not testing everything in the 30 days. My advise, buy a Sony save money and have better support.
4)   Osborne on 10-17-2006 Notebook
The Laptop GPS has bought a revolution in the genre of Laptops. It just steals the show with its magnificient networking and accessibilty of sources from distant places. I have used this machine for accesing the resources which were distant for my research and analysis part. cheers to Laptop GPS
5)   Richard on 10-15-2006 Notebook
I have been using the Laptop GPS from almost a year and it has helped me in all my important research projects.But the majot factor is weighing ten pounds, it isn't very portable. Complimenting its 17-inch widescreen (1440 x 900) is an internal TV tuner and the Windows XP Media Center Edition operating system, 160GB hard drive and then make hard copies with its dual-layer multiformat DVD burner. It always helped in all my major projecsts..cheers to GPS
6)   Kishaya Dudley on 10-14-2006 Notebook
Hey..I have been using the Laptop GPS just for my Research studies, it always given me an immense pleasure in using this wonderful machine in all my research projects and it just really rocks. Laptop GPS gives me the connectivity to all my intersted fields even when i'm in a remote place.
7)   Greg Grant on 10-12-2006 Laptop
Hii..Laptop GPS has always helped in all my research projects, especially when i was in the remote areas i used to feel difficulty in accesing the network. Laptop GPS helped me alot in developing new designs, maintaining the necessary and accurate stats. The overall performance is also fine but at temperatures i get alot of problems in using this amazing machine.
8)   George on 10-11-2006 Laptop
Hii..iam a research graduate workin on satellite and their polarisations and manoevers. By worldwide radio-navigation system, by using laptop GPS, i literally made many things easier for me.It also provides marine, terrestrial navigation and other cool stuff in my reasearch. cheers to Laptop GPS.
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