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A Laptop is a small mobile personal computer, which is also known as laptop computer or a notebook computer or a notebook. While the terms laptop and notebook are often used interchangeably, Laptop Computers is an older term, introduced in 1983 and marketed in 1984 with the name Gavilan SC. Notebook computer is a later term, which was used to differentiate smaller devices such as those of the Compaq LTE series, usually weighing from one to three kilograms, depending on the size, material and other factors, which were in contrast to previous laptops.

Laptop is a portable computer that has a flat LCD screen and weighs less than eight pounds. It can be used both for mobile and desktop use by operating through the use of batteries, which can be charged through AC power. Now a days the high-end laptops almost have all the features of desktop computers

Today most of the Laptops have PC Card (PCMCIA) slots and USB ports, because of which the users can use them with more flexibility. For desktop use, a docking station may provide extra PCI slots. Expansion is a little more difficult with laptops than with desktops because these have extra bus slots and drive bays. Most of all the laptops Computers have built-in speakers and generally include an optical drive (CD-RW, DVD-ROM or DVD-RW). DVD drives typically support all CD read and write modes as well. A removable drive offers more flexibility for upgrading later.

Following are the major features of Laptop Computers:

Screen Resolution

A high-quality active matrix LCD screens are used in the current Laptops. However, the built-in display system also feeds an external monitor for desktop use or a data projector. The display adapter is not replaceable as in a desktop computer, because of which the laptop having the highest resolution is to be selected which is required for the external display.

External Display and Keyboard Connectors

You can connect a full-size CRT and a keyboard for home or office use. Even if you are comfortable with the laptop keyboard, you may want to use an external one with your external monitor, so that both units are positioned comfortably. A full-size keyboard can be connected through the external keyboard port or USB port.

Built-in Pointing Device

The built in pointing devices are touchpad and pointing stick, where one of them can be built into the Laptop Computers, the two devices have some distinctive features. A regular mouse is always an option and connects via the mouse port or USB port.





1)   mehran on 08-25-2010 Laptop
2)   Harmison on 10-14-2006 Notebook
After conducting my own survey by all media, i have found some of the features are very good for processing speed, Advanced Graphics acceleration and some inbuilt features makes this an amazing machine to go for it. The Laptop Computers i have found good were from Sony, Toshiba, Dell, Compaq, Hp and better were from Acer, Fujitsu and Lenovo.
3)   Roger Fernandez on 10-13-2006 Laptop
I recently owned Toshiba Laptop computer. It comes with good contrast to previous laptops. which is usually weighing from one to three kilograms, depending on size, materials and other factors. It has good processing speed and but due to bit heavier weight its a problem for me to carry on.
4)   brucewills on 10-12-2006 Pocket PC
hi, here i wanna bring few line into ur considerartion, from the past two decades there is revoultnary change in the world of computers, but the main issue rises which computer is best to buy ?. There are good organisations like IBM , COMPAQ,SONY ....which are leaders in producing computer-laptops so what i wanna suggest is to opt for the best one which meet your requirement , and very recently i choosed IBM laptop and i am quiet comfortable in using the system.Hope the best for you.
5)   Jack Dawson on 10-11-2006 Notebook
hello..iam jack, i recently used a Acer laptop one of the laptop computers, it was going fine in the beginning but later at some level got probs in the battery charge, sudden restart and some peculiar variations in the lap behaviour. So these Laptop computers are hard to find that suits your requirement and need.
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