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All About Acer Laptop

Acer is a Taiwan based company which was set up in the year 1976 by the name Multitech, and later renamed to Acer in 1987. It has its headquarters located in Hsichih City, Taipei County, Taiwan. By 2005 Acer Laptop was ranked as the world's No. 4 branded PC vendor. It offers a range of products like desktop and mobile PCs, servers and storages, LCD monitors and high-definition TVs, projectors, and handheld/navigational devices. In 2000, Acer spun-off its fabricating business to focus on developing technologically advanced and user-friendly computing. And it decided to support the sales of the product lines through specific marketing activities that best utilizes distribution channels. Revenues increased from US$4.9 billion in 2003 to US$7 billion in 2004. By 2005, Acer employed only 7,800 people across the world while maintaining a sales and service network throughout the world. And in 2006, its revenues reached US$11.32 billion.

Acer has a portable product line extension, the TravelMate series, the Aspire series and the cutting edge Ferrari series in line. Acer Ferrari laptops have the high persistent quality because of which they have managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the market. It is already popular in Asian and European markets, now it is hoping to garner attention in the profitable U.S market. Acer is ranked as first in 13 countries- Italy, Spain, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, Russia, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Hungary and The Slovakian Republic. Acer provides a wide range of portables with advanced features like flexibility, power, speed, full coverage, vision, and style to name a few.

Acer Laptops have 299.00 Intel Pentium III 600 MHz Processor 128 MB with RAM 12 Gb Hard Disk CD RW Drive, in-built Modem and Ethernet of 10/100 Lan Infra Red port Audio-in out and Mic Jacks 2 USB ports 1 Parallel and 1 Serial Ports External Keyboard port PCMCIA Slot Upgradeable Memory and Hard disks and Lithium-Ion Battery, provided with Drivers CD ROM.

The products include Travel Mate notebook computers, convertible Tablet PCs with Intel Pentium processors, wide-screen Aspire multimedia notebooks and Ferrari notebooks notable for a bright red chassis. Acer also markets a full range of Veriton business desktops, AcerPower and Aspire value desktops, Altos servers for the enterprise, and both LCD and CRT displays.

Acer Laptop market in North American share has slipped over the past few years while the European market share has flanged up. Most of their success in Europe can be attributed to their on going association with the Ferrari Formula 1 Team and the former F1 team, Prost Grand Prix in 2001. They have recently broadened the scope of their relationship with Ferrari by announcing that they will sponsor the Formula One team until 2008.

Acer Laptop models:

Acer Ferrari : The Acer Ferrari is a combination of an atest mobile 64-bit technology, sleek design and innovative work, an instrument for "no compromise. Acer Ferrari range Laptop is an ideal for professionals, who want to deliver ideas and images with eye-catching ability. It has a wide high-resolution 15.4 inch screen with a great performance, multipurpose flash card slot, trayless double-layer optical drive and 1GB of RAM. Ferrari has the best features like, the vision clarity, power to pull ahead, lightning speed communication, totally mobile expansion, and wide coverage.

Acer Travelmate : The Acer Travelmate is a high-performance ultra portable notebook along with the standard features including lightweight and excellent connectivity, offered by Technoworld PLC. It is an ideal product for the highly-mobile employees of small, medium and large companies and outbound self-employed professionals, with its Intel's CentrinoT mobile technology. And it is the best bet for those who are looking for the power and performance.

Acer Aspire : The Acer Aspire is an extremely versatile great-value notebook that will bring added power, mobility and performance to your working environment. It provides high performance and all that you can expect from a complete mobile office to an occasionally wide screen entertainment solution which can be used for both business purpose and personal use.





1)   stephannie on 02-05-2014 Pocket PC
i have an acer laptop but the problen is that ot has no power at all . ive already check the charger and its okey. where is the possible problem.
2)   audi on 02-13-2013 Pocket PC
I think Acer is the worst laptop on earth. Very slow start up and slow program response including web browsing... never trust acer & just get other brands & you wont regret
3)   guzzal on 07-26-2012 Pocket PC
Bought acers laptop since last year 2011. Too many flaws. Slower cpu performance vs claimed performance coupled with poor customer and repair service make it bad choice.
4)   Razz on 03-13-2012 Pocket PC
i bought new acer laptop. it is good one.
5)   anonymous on 03-13-2012 Pocket PC
Hi Hackers!
6)   Razi on 03-13-2012 Pocket PC
Acer is nice laptop
7)   kreativeidea on 01-18-2012 Pocket PC
I have acer 4755 corei7. works perfectly.
8)   Maftuna on 11-23-2011 Laptop
i have Acer extensa 4230. it works properly:)
9)   kemrtb on 09-06-2011 Laptop
Second Acer Aspire laptop in 2 wks. Buttons not push on first. Replacement has worse problems" turns off without warning, switches to programs not even opened, screen jumps for no reason. Also, edge where wrists rest very sharp. This goes back and won't replace for an acer for sure!
10)   kalebsnanny on 04-10-2011 Laptop
DON'T BUY ACER PRODUCTS!! They are rip offs! Our screen cracked from within bc they get too hot and acer wants $199.00 to repair it even though it's only less than 9 months old! You pay good money for these products and they have a one yr mnfr warrenty that does not cover the over heating or the screens or the keypad or anything! RIP OFF'S!!!
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